Offset printing with
UV coat

As an optical effect, gloss indicates the roughness or brightness of a surface.

Line UV coat finish

This effect is the product of reflection of the light which spreads from the surface in the form of what is termed the index in nearly all spatial directions. The portion of light subject to diffusion is less intense than the oriented portion, which is created above all in the field of the angle of gloss or the angle of emergence of the light, positioned symmetrically in respect to the angle of incidence of the light.

The only alternative to serigraphic lamination with spot film is finishing with UV coat if the gloss of the printed material is to exceed 85 points.

“Line UV coat offset” technology provides the required effect in one step. This makes the method highly cost-competitive for large print runs.

Field of application

magazine covers, book covers, monographs, art books, product catalogues.

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