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Nowadays, in the field of sheet-fed offset printing, ‘hybrid machines’ is the term generally used for printing machines fitted out to handle both printing with hybrid inks plus UV final coating, and printing with standard offset printing inks plus dispersion coat. By adopting this method, one can, at any time, readily change from one mode to the other, without changing rubber-coated rolls, blankets and dryers. (more): hybrid inks blend two chemical effects of drying. Like conventional oil-based inks, drying is by oxidation, and the inks are in part absorbed by the support, but they react to the action of UV rays exactly like UV photo-reticulation inks. This is why, alongside change of operating mode, hybrid machines are equipped with IR, warm-air heater and UV dryers.

offset printing

The imagination and creativeness of graphic designers shall know no bounds! Users can discover new sectors of application!

The hybrid method has become applicable to most sheet-fed offset printing market segments. It provides considerable openings for acquiring new customers.
In a word, the hybrid method enables line production of stunningly versatile effects.


Hybrid finishing is a line finishing process combining very low costs with versatility and the highest quality. It also enables concurrent access to UV technology. Nowadays, with UV coating of hybrid inks, the gloss values obtained are at least equal to those obtained by solely UV printing.

UV coating (full cover), combined with a matte or granular oily base paint (applied in the offset register) enables the production of interesting glossy contrast effects, a very little cost.

Field of application

magazine covers, book covers, monographs, art books, product catalogues.

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