Il gruppo PBP

At present, the PBP group deploys a total workforce of 30 operators (office and production workers). It has a turnover of about 8.6 million euros, and its growth trend figures are constant (at 15% per year over the 2010-2013 period).

premises in Vicenza   premises in Vicenza

The PBP group, founded in 2006, represents the pooling of the structural investments, human resources and skills-bases of four companies located in Verona, Vicenza and Padua (an area of north-east Italy known for its extremely solid performance in terms of production, also displaying well consolidated experience in the field of the graphic arts).

The group was founded in response to the need to close down the obsolete production divisions of each company, within the context of a shared project for investment in avant-garde printing techniques (hybrid printing).

The production division includes:


graphic workstations

  • 1 certified colour digital proof unit
  • 1 workstation for colour comparison and correction (Gretagmacbeth TM workflow)


offset units (70x100)

  • (five-colour) with line acrylic coating/hybrid printing/UV printing

  • (six-colour) with line acrylic coating/hybrid printing/UV printing

offset unit (50x70)

  • (four-colour)


digital units

  • (sheet-fed; format: 48.8x33 cm)

  • Xerox XHQ technology


internal finishing units

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